Dec 232008

Sulkygirl recently posted about how “All men I chatted with online .. without an exception.. could give me the measurement of their penis.”, the comments of which naturally turned into a discussion of penis size.  I’ve been meaning to throw together my own thoughts if for no reason other then to have somewhere to point […]

Nov 282008

I’ve recently started using Craigslist when I’m traveling and on the prowl, a few days ago I posted although I wasn’t 100% sure what I had in mind, beyond something interesting, so I just set a few guidelines and posted. Basically my ad just said I wasn’t looking for bondage, dress up or roleplaying and […]

Nov 242008

Okay, first off let me say that I realize not everyone is a fan of the hairless genital look. I know, I get that. I am a fan. I often get asked why I wax, isn’t shaving less painful, etc. Well, yes and no. Shaving is arguably easier since it’s a quick shave every day […]

Oct 302008

I’ve been debating going out or not for Halloween this year, but it looks like my other plans are canceled so I’m thinking I might head out to a sex club. Since Halloween is on a Friday, the club I’m going to is encouraging although not requiring people to dress up. Any suggestions what to […]