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Jun 302008

Finally a storm! 30C, a bit of rain, lots of thunder and lightning. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Jun 242008

With camping season upon us, I thought I’d share one of the camping experiences from my past, just for giggles. It was one of those cases where the timing was just right, bumped into just the right person, hasn’t happened again (despite trying to set something up) We were tenting, the campground where we were […]

Not online much

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Jun 192008

After a couple rough days I am heading out of town for a bit. Back a couple days! UPDATE: Paying less then full attention, I left this as a draft instead of posting it. Ooops. Oh well, here goes.

Friday the 13th!

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Jun 132008

This post is just rambling about work in this post, may as well stop reading here if you’re just here for sex. Hell week is over, finally! It was weird, no one specific thing happened, this whole week was one of those “if it can go wrong, it will” at the office. Parts didn’t show […]

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