Jun 242008

With camping season upon us, I thought I’d share one of the camping experiences from my past, just for giggles.

It was one of those cases where the timing was just right, bumped into just the right person, hasn’t happened again (despite trying to set something up)

We were tenting, the campground where we were staying had pay showers near the entrance, we were located on the other end of the campground. After three days of hiking, hot sweaty tents and general non-bathing, I decided to walk out to the shower. Being smart, it occurred to me to bring coinage to run what I assumed would be pay showers.

Walking up to the showers, I was greated by a guy hoping I had change for his $20. I think it was $1/4minutes or something like that. As it turned out, I only had $2, which was enough for myself, but might leave me short if I split it. Being a nice helpful soul, I couldn’t help but offer to let him join me, so I made him a deal, he washes me with the first dollar, then I wash him for the second.

The shower stalls had two doors, one was a mini change area, the other being the actual shower, I sent into the shower to undress, told him to undress in the change area, passed my clothes out and started the shower. His first look at me was standing in the just started shower, facing the wall, arms up over the shower, and of course legs spread with my ass sticking out. He actually did a pretty good job, some parts got cleaner then others, but they were some of my favourite parts, so I wasn’t one to complain.

I slipped out of the shower, added another dollar, and jumped back in, he was standing at attention, facing me, pulling his hair back. I made it as far as his chest and back, was just heading south when I got distracted, had a nibble and a lick (or does that count as cleaning?), I did make a half-hearted attempt with the wash cloth while I felt up his ass, but like I said, I was distracted. He didn’t seem to mind. He was getting close when the water clicked off, so I jumped out, wrapped my towel around my body, grabbed my bag and headed out, went over to the woman’s side to finish getting dried off and dressed. Luckily I didn’t run into anyone else on the men’s side, on the woman’s side there was another woman combing her hair, but she didn’t say anything, nor did I offer an explanation.

When I got back to the campsite and told Lisa about the experience, she suggested next time I should take a cold shower at the site instead. A couple hours later the guy managed to find our site and dropped off the dirty shirt I’d apparently forgotten when I ran out and he said something to the effect that sometimes the shower can be a cruel mistress. I offered the same time next day, but he wasn’t there.

Since then I’ve never gotten further then the offering to share stage, no one has taken me up on it. Oh well, was still fun!

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  1. “He was getting close” and you just left him there? Unless I’m not understanding you right that is cruel. Oh well. It’s an awesome story regardless.

  2. Well it’s not *my* fault that the water ran out!

  3. I’m betting he was always sure to bring plenty of change with him the next time he used a pay shower, just in case.

  4. If he was that smart, he would have been there next day, same time, with about $50 in change.

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