Apr 162014

People ask the strangest questions on IRC. Like this: “What are your views on rape?” Non-consensual, rape-rape? Tie him up, cover his gonads in something delicious and let some rats have their way with him. Consensual play? No problem with it but it’s not my thing. Glad you asked? Now I’m off for a run.

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Oct 252008

People often ask me what’s my favourite <something>, and while I hate to disappoint, it’s not a question I can easily answer, especially when it comes to sex. I’m not sure I really like the idea of picking a favourite. There are things I usually enjoy, but really it’s more about what I am craving […]

Aug 192008

I very regularly get messages on IRC that say something like this: “Hi, I’m just looking for roleplaying so I don’t mean to bother you, but I enjoyed your blog” or something similar. A few have expressed some apprehension at annoying me. That’s sweet, but honestly, I love the feedback. Yes, that probably makes me […]

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Aug 152008

Sometimes I wonder if I am too mean to the various oddities in behaviour I spot on IRC. People’s physical characteristics seem to vary, people get taller or shorter by the day, put on weight or lose weight faster then would normally seem healthy, sometimes even their gender spontaneously changes. Creepy. (2:20:16 AM) oldman4u: hi […]

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