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Sulkygirl recently posted about how “All men I chatted with online .. without an exception.. could give me the measurement of their penis.”, the comments of which naturally turned into a discussion of penis size.  I’ve been meaning to throw together my own thoughts if for no reason other then to have somewhere to point people that ask rather then repeating myself.

While this is simply another anecdotal data point, having tested a variety of penis sizes over the years, I’ve noticed some trends, so let me just take off at random here:

Big dicks seem to be attached to big dicks, at least as far as in the bed performance goes. There might be exceptions but Tom’s comment that they expect her to “become overwhelmed simply because he had a huge piece of meat” is by and large very true. Not one has had a clue how to stimulate with his tongue, fingers or mouth although some do at least try.  Effort counts for something but going through the motions without any passion doesn’t.

The other far end of the spectrum is a little more complex. Guys with small penises tend to fall into two categories; one category is all worried that they don’t have what it takes to make a girl happy, are afraid to even try and imagine that, their thoughts make their reality.  The other category make for excellent partners as they use not only their fingers, tongue and mouth, but legs, nose, chin, toys, and their brain.  For those playing the home game, that last one is important.

If you’re huge, good for you, just remember that you didn’t do anything to earn it.  Interesting to look at, but beyond that, it’s not magically better and being proud of something that happened by chance is just silly.  You’ll probably find lots of girls who want to try it and if leaving a path of unsatisfied disappointed tail behind you is your game then all power to you, but if you want to learn how to make a girl really happy, try leaving your pants on sometime and see what you can figure out?

That being said if you want to learn some other skills it will make for a nice addition to the arsenal, and there is no reason I can think of to not take advantage of what you’ve got.

For the guys who think they are too small to please a woman, my advice would actually be the same, if you’re worried about how a woman will react when she sees you, make sure that you both know that no matter what she isn’t going home unsatisfied and you’ll probably find that your penis is just fine.  If you’re still not convinced then consider that from a biology point of view, the vagina naturally expands or contracts based on the size of the object inside, so the right penis size is the one inside at the moment.  Neat trick huh?

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that the nerves only go a couple inches deep anyway, so length doesn’t really matter.  Girth makes a bigger difference, but the difference between a thin and thick penis is just that, a difference, neither is inherently better or worse.

Of my non-vibrating toy collection the two I use most are a thin 3″ glass dildo and a large thick ribbed silicone one that might stand it’s own against a horse (assuming horses are hung like, well, horses)

I’ll close by reminding all the guys out there that if all I wanted was a penis without anything else attached, I have a drawer for those.  When I hunt for a male, it’s because I want more then just the penis and that those of you who bring more then just a penis are more likely to be invited to an encore performance.

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  1. Enjoyed this post.. especially about the big dicks being attached to big dicks and that they didn’t do anything to deserve their penis so why be proud.. yada yada.. liked it all really..

    Still thinking about your licky guy..

  2. Sulky can become fixated on certain ideas. She thought about my penis for most of a year, and she hadn’t even seen it. She’ll be thinking about the licky guy for months…

  3. Well put! I am proud to say I have a big, fat dick and I know how to please my women using everything else too 🙂

  4. Now you’re talking!

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