Mar 012010

I’ve decided to try out Fetlife although I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for or expecting to find. If any of my bloggy friends out there are on Fetlife feel free to drop by and say hi?

Feb 162009

First, my back is feeling much better. Still a bit twitchy sometimes which is annoying, but at least I’m not in too much pain. I was planning a whole long post while I was out but once I made it to my keyboard the words just aren’t coming out. Maybe later?

Feb 072009

My back hurts! *cries* No idea why, just woke up a couple days ago in a ton of pain, and without having done anything fun to earn it either, at least as far as I know. I was at least smart enough to take yesterday off of work, which should give everyone an idea of […]

Aug 132008

I finally got around to switching to a better theme.  Unfortunately as a side effect the feed URL changed, so you might need to unsubscribe and subscribe to my new feed URL. Please report any bugs, toss any feedback, rant and rave, whatever you like, will ya?