May 072010

As you might know if you’ve made it through any of my past whining, I like to chat online. Sometimes on websites, ICQ available for chat mode when that was the thing to do, on IRC more than anywhere else. Once in a while I’ll meet someone in a forum or from a blog comment […]

Aug 152008

See, I don’t live with cats intentionally. I like cats, but I don’t need the responsibility right now. Unfortunately, a neighbourhood cat has taken to clawing my screen door and letting herself in. The thing about cats, aren’t domesticated, they domesticate, and apparently she’s picked me to be her next host. Either that, or I […]

Jul 272008

I’ve always wondered where that old “sick as a dog” expression came from. I’m not really a dog person, but at least the dogs I’ve known over the years haven’t been all that sick, at least as a general rule. I am a different story, seem to have some sort of stomach thing. Yay! I […]

Jul 112008

So every year early in July in Calgary we have something called the Calgary Stampede. Starting with a parade that 350,000 (yes, that’s one third of all of Calgary) shows up downtown to watch. Yeah, that’s great for traffic. Next, for the duration of the 10 day rodeo, there are over a million admissions into […]


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Jun 302008

Finally a storm! 30C, a bit of rain, lots of thunder and lightning. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!