Oct 252008

People often ask me what’s my favourite <something>, and while I hate to disappoint, it’s not a question I can easily answer, especially when it comes to sex.

I’m not sure I really like the idea of picking a favourite. There are things I usually enjoy, but really it’s more about what I am craving at any particular moment vs what I’m bored of doing.

See, I get bored fast. If I really enjoy something today, odds are good I’ll be tired of it in the next few days. With that in mind, I’m pretty much not interested in monogamous relationships, it just doesn’t play well for me.

So what sorts of things am I interested in? Well, I think the key words are kink, taboo, or anything otherwise interesting. In no particular order:

  • Threesome:

    Okay, this one isn’t all that kinky, but it does get a bit more interesting then just one guy. I especially like it if all three of us can play with each other, and I do absolutely adore watching two guys touch each other, or watching two rock hard cocks rubbing up against each other *swoon*

  • Exhibitionism:

    When I was a bit younger, I rather enjoyed showing off or playing outside. Unfortunately I’ve grown up a little, and with my current position at work it’s not really appropriate for me to play there either. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being watched.
    Despite my general lack of interest in bondage, one thing I really do enjoy is to tie a guy to a chair, unzip his pants, then have my way with another girl while he can only watch. Sure, we usually let him join in at some point, but why rush?
    I do still occasionally get a little frisky while clubbing, and I’ve been known to do more then get frisky at a sex club or other event where such behaviour is rewarded with an audience and not law enforcement

  • Rimming:

    Okay, if I had to pick a favourite, this one might be it. I love rimming. I love being rimmed, I love doing it, I love thinking about it *purr*

    1. Some days I just want my ass to be worshiped. I want to drag someone home, stretch out on the bed or even on the floor, slip off my pants and have a massage that starts at my shoulders and moves down my back, down my legs all the way to my feet, and then feel lips and tongue kissing from my feet up between my legs, kissing my ass slowly getting more and more intimate until I feel the tip of the tongue drawing smaller and small circles around my ass until it slowly enters just enough to make me yearn for more, then backs off slightly teasing more, each time going further and further. (And yes, you can make me orgasm this way)
    2. Other times rimming can make an excellent addition to oral. The classic, girl laying on her back, legs spread, knees bent is a perfect way to start, your tongue tasting and teasing me everywhere from my clit down to my ass and back again never lingering too long anywhere, each time penetrating my holes just a little deeper but always leaving me wanting more until you bring me off
    3. For the record, yes I would be happy to return the favour.
  • Urolagnia:

    This one might be fairly high up on the favourites list too, but that’s for another post

Now, does all of this mean I don’t occasionally enjoy a quiet evening with a friend cuddled up under a blanket watching movies, or by the fire? Not at all. Am I saying that missionary position is out? Well, no, not entirely.

Once in a while, straight ‘ol missionary position IS a change from the ordinary, but you’ve only got one trick, regardless of how good you are at it, a couple of performances will be fun, but after that, I start itching for something new.

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  1. Hehe, I love reading this. You need to do that post on urolagnia 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’ll do that one eventually 🙂

  3. I’d love for you to drag me home and share munching each otehr’s asses (and everything else) all night 🙂

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