Feb 282021

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and have many times started and ultimately left the post in the drafts folder.

I often find myself struggling to explain my preferences to people that I meet in a way that is understood. I think the biggest stumbling block is that many people start with the assumption that dominance/submission has a direction correlation with top/bottom and a similar correlation with sadism/masochism. It doesn’t. In many cases that may be the case but there is no reason this needs to always be the case.

I like pain. I like being hit. Upon saying this I will get a comment like “That means you’re submissive” sometimes followed by even more cluelessness like “you just don’t know it”. No. Google helpfully provides us with a definition for submission: the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. I’m not interested in submitting to someone’s will or authority, I just want someone to hit me. Ideally more than once.

Plus there is the whole bondage thing. The easiest way to explain it is that bondage including actual restraint is a hard limit (that’s a no).

Apr 162014

People ask the strangest questions on IRC. Like this: “What are your views on rape?” Non-consensual, rape-rape? Tie him up, cover his gonads in something delicious and let some rats have their way with him. Consensual play? No problem with it but it’s not my thing. Glad you asked? Now I’m off for a run.

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Jul 032011

Crap, some spammer just got a ton of comments posted. Sorry about that, tweaked my spam settings to hopefully keep it from happening again and I’ve removed all of the garbage. Sorry! 🙁 And no, not dead either 🙂

Aug 012010

Once again I seem to have gone off the grid. Bad habit. Just finished packing up my entire apartment, movers coming tomorrow to load the truck and move everything into storage while I continue hunting for a new domicile. Tuesday I’ve got cleaners coming by and then after that the couple that will be renting […]

May 072010

As you might know if you’ve made it through any of my past whining, I like to chat online. Sometimes on websites, ICQ available for chat mode when that was the thing to do, on IRC more than anywhere else. Once in a while I’ll meet someone in a forum or from a blog comment […]