Friday the 13th!

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Jun 132008

This post is just rambling about work in this post, may as well stop reading here if you’re just here for sex.

Hell week is over, finally! It was weird, no one specific thing happened, this whole week was one of those “if it can go wrong, it will” at the office. Parts didn’t show up, customers got stupider then usual, people made stupid little mistakes (I may have made one or two myself), all that, seemingly most of it under my umbrella.

I went in a little early this morning (4am?) to try and get started fire fighting before everyone else got in and started demanding attention. A few of the other guys had the same idea, we managed to triage and get some damage control done, assign some projects, parts started showing up, by noon our proverbial plates were almost clear. Took all my guys who threw in a ton of extra hours for a liquid lunch today, will try and grab everyone else some time next week.

The thing about having great staff, makes me look good too. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

So here we are, Friday the 13th business day is over, time to go out either get drunk or laid, I haven’t decided yet.

How was your day?

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