Jun 052008

Okay, I’m in a ranty mood. Part of this was posted in a comment on another blog already, but I’m going to go a bit further here in my own little corner of the internet.

The blog post is titled “A Small Glimmer of Hope that Chivalry Isn’t Dead“. The whole concept of chivalry as it applies to modern dating really bothers me and this seems like as good a place as any to go off on a rant. Really it’s only a part of the problem.

What really bothers me is this idea that people need to be on their best behaviour when starting to date someone, opening doors, pulling out the chair, giving a large tip, balancing the ball on his nose, all that.

Women who expect it are just encouraging dishonesty by judging males based on the show he manages to put on during those first few dates, and worse, it’s setting yourself up for a surprise since at some point you’ll both stop acting like who you think your partner wants you to be and play yourself instead.

A nice guy who just open doors just for the girl he is dating and doesn’t hold it for anyone else is an ass, and girls, it won’t last. If this is an important trait to you, look for the guy that holds the door open for his friends, your friends, and whoever happens to be coming in the door at the same time.

Oh, and this goes two ways too. Women, you don’t want chivalry to die, maybe you should try opening the door for your guy instead of expecting him to do so every time?

Now if having a guy treat you like a lady on the first date IS important to you, but you want to save some time, might I suggest that rather then making the guy open doors, move furniture, supply precious metals, transportation, dead blossoms and provide sustenance, maybe he should just drop $200 on the table up front and be done with it? Although, if you choose to exchange sexual favours for goods and services, I suppose that’s your choice, who am I to judge.

With all that being said, a note to guys: Open the damn door. Seriously. It’s not about chivalry, it’s just a good opportunity to check out my ass.

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