Apr 162014

People ask the strangest questions on IRC. Like this: “What are your views on rape?”

Non-consensual, rape-rape? Tie him up, cover his gonads in something delicious and let some rats have their way with him.

Consensual play? No problem with it but it’s not my thing.

Glad you asked? Now I’m off for a run.

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  1. well, for me rape scene, consensual or non-consensual is fun, since I’m a man, I never get any complain about how I fuck or how I rape, I like it, some ran away some dislike me for it, I don’t care about that, I like it and some likes it when I rape her.
    mostly I tied/taped/cuff/bound someone, and start getting my way, I love hearing screams and the pain and pleasure I inflict on someone but that just me, and yes, some ran away from me, for me being rough is just who I am, thank you

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