Feb 072009

My back hurts! *cries*

No idea why, just woke up a couple days ago in a ton of pain, and without having done anything fun to earn it either, at least as far as I know. I was at least smart enough to take yesterday off of work, which should give everyone an idea of how much my back hurts. Last night I tried the drugged up approach, I found a Oxycodone (read: percocet) in my travel bag from when I was in the hospital after the crash a couple years ago, that at least helped me feel less like snapping my spinal column to stop the pain, but I still don’t think I got any sleep at all last night.

Even worse is that since I feel like I can barely walk I haven’t exactly been out jogging and these days jogging is about my only release, so I’m wound up and ready to strike.

While this might not be an exciting post, at least it might explain why I’m grouchy (see my last post) and ignoring my email, sorry to anyone who’s head I’ve bitten off, I’ll be nice again when I’m feeling better so say hi again once you get your head reattached. Maybe.

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