Oct 292008

I’ve recently been experimenting with a position that is more or less new to me, called the Anal Drop.  I’ve experimented with this position in the past, but never had much success, nor did I know what it was called.

So what is it?

Well it’s actually pretty straight forward, I’m on top with a male laying on his back underneath me, my legs are on either side of his body, and I slowly lower myself onto him.

One of the perks of this position is that it can be done facing the guy, which means I can watch his reactions, and he can touch much of the front of my body. This is also one of the few positions where the female is in control of anal penetration, which makes for a nice change.

So why so difficult? Well, it’s really tough to control your anal muscles in this position, and you normally involuntarily contract your anal muscles, it takes some practice to learn how to relax.

If you’ve ever tried it or have any tips, do share!

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  1. and she’s back with a vengeance!

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