Oct 302008

I’ve been debating going out or not for Halloween this year, but it looks like my other plans are canceled so I’m thinking I might head out to a sex club. Since Halloween is on a Friday, the club I’m going to is encouraging although not requiring people to dress up. Any suggestions what to wear on relatively short notice?

A couple notes: First, this club is private and sex friendly.  Second, there are no minimum clothing requirements or body parts that must be covered. Lastly, this Friday is also my birthday, so feel free to work that into any suggestions.

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  1. Well, let me be first (from here) to wish you happy birthday. I’ll have to owe you the spanking.

    As for costumes, let’s see… If clothing is optional, Eve is always the simplest 😀 Or…..wear some butter cream frosting and be your own birthday cake? Offer a special prize to the first person to find where you put the cherry. Wear a ripped formal gown, mussed hair, smeared makeup and no underwear and be a cheerleader on prom night?

    Anyway, that’s the best I can come up with on 7 hours of sleep out of the past 48.

  2. I actually like that cheerleader idea, and that’s really a fantastic description too.

  3. So what did you wind up doing? And who, too, for that matter 🙂

  4. Well girl cough it up! Spill the beans! Spit it out! Or swallow, that’s better, but damnit kiss and tell already!

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