Jul 122008

I’m a long term IRC junkie, I’ve been on IRC since my early teenage years.

I’m weird, I go on IRC and find sex channels just to chat. Not for cybersex, not for roleplaying (yes, that’s cybersex again), not for phone sex, not to meet anyone, just to chat. Sometimes about sex. Okay, often. But just as often I’ll meet someone interesting enough to have a conversation about more then just sex. Neat!

So why do I hit IRC sex channels? Well, in short, more interesting people, more interesting conversations, and all around better time. Oh, and I love talking sex, learn all sorts of interesting things sometimes, share a little of myself, have an open and honest discussion about some of the kinks and fetishes I enjoy without the pressure of being judged. It’s a lot of fun, honest!

The way IRC works is this, guys and girls join IRC channels. Guys get ignored completely and just message every woman who joins, hoping for a chat of some sort. Guys? I love ya, but there are simply too many of you to talk to you all. I’ve tried. I type *fast* and I literally can’t keep up. So how can a guy stand out?

Well, at least for me, using real words is a good start. If you want to go all out, you can even try arranging them in a sentance! Don’t worry, you’re not paying per letter here, you know?

“a/s/l” isn’t an example of using words. “r u f” is not a sentance either. “yur” isn’t a word.

Skip the classic “pickup line”, don’t start by calling me a slut. I *am* a slut, and damn proud of it, but at least TRY to be polite until you get to know me?

On the other hand, I suppose if you want to call me a derogatory name, you may as well do it up front, that way I’ll know who and what you are, you’ll find out I’m a bitch right away and we’ll both move on without wasting either of our time.

Oh, and if we have a interesting conversation, then when we talk again a day or two later, you’ve forgotten me completely, don’t be surprised if I am less then thrilled, and don’t expect me to start over either. I’ve yet to see an IRC client that doesn’t know how to keep logs, so at least pretend I made enough of an impression to have a vague clue who I am, ‘eh?

Sounds simple enough, no?

(And no, my English isn’t perfect either, but dear $DIETY, at least make the effort?)

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