Jul 112008

So every year early in July in Calgary we have something called the Calgary Stampede. Starting with a parade that 350,000 (yes, that’s one third of all of Calgary) shows up downtown to watch. Yeah, that’s great for traffic. Next, for the duration of the 10 day rodeo, there are over a million admissions into the park, including locals and tourists, and at least a couple of repeat visitors.

So lets break this down. 10 days of a rodeo, carny rides and rigged carny games, and a more of less open excuse for every redneck asshole to dress like a cowboy, get drunk and stay that way, often starting midafternoon since every work day there are tons of companies offering Stampede breakfasts and lunches, many of which throw in the alcohol.

Now if you’re a wanna-be cowboy this is great! Me, I’m holed up in my apartment until it’s over. Seriously, have you ever seen a goth cowgirl? It’s not happening.

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  1. Trying to imagine a gothic cowgirl just broke my brain.

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