Jan 282009

(If you’ve already read this post, scroll down, there might be something new below as I’ve pegged it to the top to hopefully get a bit more feedback)

Once again I am thinking about getting a piercing or two, so I’m soliciting suggestions before I ignore whatever anyone else thinks and do whatever the hell I want anyway.

For those who don’t know, I previously had a fair amount pierced, several in my ears, eyebrow, tongue, lip, nipples, labia, you name it, although nothing too exotic, no clit piercing and no ear lobes.

During my stay in the hospital a year and a half ago all of my piercings were removed and since then all I’ve had done is bars through my nipples.

I like the idea of my clit, but I’m not ready to risk nerve damage, so no clit piercings. My job requires me to be moderately professional but I have some latitude so don’t let that limit your suggestions.

So boys and girls, have at it, what should I get done?

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  1. When I had my frenum done a few years ago, I was worried that it would damage the nerves and leave me less sensitive. When I finally removed it because the freakin’ thing wouldn’t heal properly, I discovered that I’m now more sensitive – it’s almost like screwing with my 18 year old cock, instead of the worn out 50 year old one.

    Not a good reason for a clit piercing, though.

    A navel piercing is nice, and you can hide it while at work.

  2. My experience with piercing is that it does usually make the area more sensitive, my fear is only that one in a million chance of causing irreparable damage.

    Navel is an option although it’s a little boring 😛 I’m also not too worried about hiding anything as much as just staying reasonable.

  3. Pierced pussy, yummy!

  4. How about the clithood? close enough to the clit to add a little frisson to things, but not driving metal through the mother lode.

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