Feb 072009

Seriously? Who thinks trying to pick up women in a grocery store is a good idea?

Okay okay, maybe I’m just whining because I’m in a bad mood, but mid-40s-guys out there, tell me something: Are you actually having success picking up 20-something girls in the grocery store? Is it just that you know that eventually all women need to buy food so why not try your chances?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not really picky about age, I don’t even mind the shy type, but come on, cheesy pickup lines don’t work any better when you’re 40 and balding than 18 and stupid. Okay okay, full confession, I happen to think it’s somewhere between endearing and cute and if you’re shy with even a hint at dry wit or sarcastic humour, I like a bit of maturity (or at least dislike immaturity, anyway), so say hi damn near anywhere but when I’m shopping, mmmkay?

See, maybe this is my “I just want to be different from other girls” talking, but when I go grocery shopping I want to get in, get my stuff and get out. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be an hour longer then I planned and usually a hundred dollars with of stuff more then I planned (hey, I am still a woman) before I get out, but it’s not a singles bar.

I’ve tried ignoring anyone and everyone around, I’ve tried looking intently like I have a mission, I’ve tried ignoring people completely, I’ve tried politely answering and walking away, I’ve tried being downright unpleasant. I even tried white iPod headphones with my hair in a pony-tail hoping that maybe they would give the clue that I’m not paying attention, but no such luck.

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