Apr 072009

A few of my online friends have observed that I’ve been away for a while, and I’d just like to thank each and every one of you, it’s a nice feeling to know when you’re missed.

So the most obvious question is this: Where have I been? Well, my life has been a bit of a roller-coaster over the last few months and I’ve decided to share some of it here.

I’ve talked about a few pieces with a few people but I don’t really think anyone knows the whole story end to end yet, and I’m feeling like I might ramble a little longer then usual, so if you’re just here to read up on me being a slut, come back in 4-5 postings, mmmkay?

It all started many moons ago with this new friend of mine, we’ll call her twin. Why twin? Well, mostly because she looks like me and after people asked if we’re twins for the third or fourth time, the nick name just started to stick.

She’s not quite my usual type as far as kink goes, in fact she’s borderline vanilla but mostly she’s just shy although I did discover that it only takes one reasonably large glass of wine to bring some of her anal tendencies out so in the end we do seem to find ways to amuse each other. Oh and she has these amazingly delicious lips that suck me in and I can lose hours kissing and tonguing her.

She’s not a bad kisser either.

We got into this habit of going out for dinner somewhere upscale every Sunday night, the evening would always start with us looking for ways to add a gothic twist to an otherwise classy looking outfit and either wearing almost identical clothes or clothing that had a ying/yang complementary opposite. Sure, she wasn’t gothy but she did enjoy the look. We were always looking for new and interesting restaurants, generally places that were just a little classier then either of us normal frequent, and we usually managed to turn a few heads without just looking slutty.

One night we went out and she ordered ginger ale. Some of you might know where this is going just from that one act, but for those who haven’t figured it out, this meant some big news!

Once it was established that daddy won’t be in the picture, she was understandably freaked out uncomfortable about the whole single mom thing, and so she decided to move to be closer to her family, the plan was to live with her parents for a couple months while she looked for a job and saved up enough money to rent a place and to start a new life. It’s only about a 10 hour drive so I thought what the heck, I’d drive her out and help her get settled, and since she sold her car I offered to help her out looking for places available for rent to get an idea of the lay of the land and a feel for areas she likes and doesn’t like and prices and all that good stuff.

So anyway, the rental market wasn’t great and although we looked at a bunch of places nothing in her price range seemed to click, although we did find a couple beautiful places that were way out of her budget, but hey, nothing wrong with a dream, right?

So we’re spending our last Saturday together with a perfectly logical plan to turn in early, go for breakfast together then I drive home. Seemed like a good idea at the time, although somehow turning in early turned into “right after a movie” followed by “right after another movie” and then we got to talking and ordered a pizza before realizing it’s 3am, but with a pizza on the way we still couldn’t go to bed. Around 10:30 in the morning it was decided that I was far too tired to make a 10 hour drive, so we set the alarm for 1pm and snuggled up in bed ready, expecting to fall asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

Now dear reader, if you’ve ever had a lover move away you’ll completely understand my annoyance at having to pull myself from between her legs to make that most terrible of buzzers be silent at 1. If I wasn’t in any shape for a 10 hour drive at 10:30am I certainly wasn’t any readier to make the trip after two and a half hours of mutual fun, so we finally actually went to sleep.

Around 7pm I was dressed and ready to hit the road, by 8pm we said goodbye and hugged and kissed goodbye. By 8:45 I was on the road and life was good…

To be continued…

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