Apr 092009

So there I was back at home missing my only really close friend and basically just filling the time until I can visit her. A couple visits happened just as soon as I could squeeze them in, but as we talked I start to realize just how crazy she’d go if she lives with her family too long and so I’m getting this idea in my head that I can help her out a little.

Things with her parents got a bit rocky and twin starts thinking about a roommate just so that she can move out sooner; she’s working as a waitress in a bar that is technically two cities over from where she lives, but she’s making decent enough money that with tips she’ll be able to handle renting a place.

Out of the blue I get this call from a realtor, one of the places we looked at has dropped their prices substantially and I start to have this inkling of an idea.

The more I think about my idea the better it sounds, I tell twin that one of those dreamy condos we looked at is going to be coming up for rent in a couple months, and that if she takes on a roommate I’ll co-sign the lease and make sure she gets the place. The unit we’re talking about is this beautiful three bedroom apartment that has more then enough space for twin and a roommate to have their own space plus a nursery for when the time comes, she wouldn’t have to worry about crazy high rent or going insane living with her parents, her parents were close enough to visit easily (they both work closer to this condo then to their home too) but not so close as to drop by unannounced every weekend, it was perfect!

So I’m out visiting, I came into town a few hours earlier then twin knew about to go see the realtor with my mortgage preapproval done so that we can talk price, a couple of the numbers weren’t quite what I’d been told but we managed to work out something fairly reasonable, so I tucked the paperwork into my bag, and headed for twin’s house.

Twin had a birthday BBQ for some family member that afternoon, I’d been invited but when I called to tell her I was in town she asked me if I could amuse myself for the afternoon and pick her up that evening, she wanted to go to a hotel rather then staying at her parents’ place. Even though I hadn’t told twin about my idea yet I somehow found myself driving back and forth between the realtor’s office and my bank, each trip because one side or the other forgot about some little detail, but the branch manager stayed after hours to work out the last couple details and before I even saw twin that night I had put down deposit, just a bit more paperwork to finish to put through the mortgage but there was no rush, the possession date which wasn’t for a few weeks anyway.

That night when we got together I think I started to have an idea that she was in a bad mood but that might be hindsight talking, but whatever it was or wasn’t it disappeared almost instantly when I told her about what I’d done, she was literally jumping up and down and screaming in joy and insisted on driving over immediately even though all we could do was look at the unit from the outside.

We spent all of our time together, didn’t even see her family once, but eventually it was time for me to head out. As had turned into our custom, I didn’t get on the road until 7pm instead of the planned 7am start, but the plan was more of a running joke, we both knew what was on the agenda, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t worth it.

To be continued…

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  1. yay! explication! I love a story.

  2. Glad that things are turning around. Just make sure to include all the juicy details 😉

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