Rain rain, go away

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Jun 082008

I’ve about had it with this weather. Cold, rainy and miserable, then warms up for a couple days, even a few storms on the forecast to tease me, but nooooooooo, back to cold and miserable. Jerks. Is a spring storm really too much to ask for?

Jun 052008

Okay, I’m in a ranty mood. Part of this was posted in a comment on another blog already, but I’m going to go a bit further here in my own little corner of the internet. The blog post is titled “A Small Glimmer of Hope that Chivalry Isn’t Dead“. The whole concept of chivalry as […]

May 302008

I guess if I had a direction in mind for this blog, I might feel a bit more like writing… I’ve got half a dozen drafts, but haven’t managed to publish anything yet.  Since I don’t have a clear direction, I’m not really sure where to start. So lets start with me? I’m a 23 […]

May 272008

First things first: I’m new at blogging, so you should expect to forgive the occasional faux pas as I learn what the hell I’m doing. So what am I doing? Well, in short, I’m looking for a place to share parts of myself that I don’t always share. I wouldn’t rule out a rant, or […]