Aug 152008

Sometimes I wonder if I am too mean to the various oddities in behaviour I spot on IRC. People’s physical characteristics seem to vary, people get taller or shorter by the day, put on weight or lose weight faster then would normally seem healthy, sometimes even their gender spontaneously changes. Creepy.

(2:20:16 AM) oldman4u: hi
(2:24:12 AM) gothkat: Hello hello
(2:24:25 AM) oldman4u: how are you
(2:24:27 AM) oldman4u: asl plz
(2:25:26 AM) gothkat: 23, female, from Western Canada
(2:25:39 AM) oldman4u: im 61/m/aust
(2:25:56 AM) oldman4u: my names ray
(2:26:06 AM) gothkat: Wow. Aust…
(2:26:09 AM) gothkat: Australia?
(2:26:24 AM) oldman4u: yes
(2:26:46 AM) oldman4u: hope you dont mind my age
(2:27:20 AM) gothkat: I’m not really a science geek, but is that in a different time space continuum?
(2:27:42 AM) oldman4u: i guess
(2:28:13 AM) gothkat: I’m thinking it must be
(2:28:41 AM) gothkat: You’ve experienced two years, whereas I have only experienced 22 days. That’s so cool.
(2:30:11 AM) gothkat: See, we talked about three weeks ago, you seemed like a nice enough guy (which is odd for IRC, and is why I remember you), but back then you were 59, now you’re 61.
(2:32:47 AM) gothkat: Or is Australia just so far east that it’s drifting into the future faster then the rest of the planet?

Then he logged off.  So sad.

Am I too harsh?

Am I at least funny? (I make me laugh, but that might be just me)

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  1. Well, IRC is full of situations like that. I can tall countless stories of people I knew (usually girls) that one day turned out to be guys.

    However, what strikes me is definitely their inability to stick with a story. Is it so hard to remember that, on IRC, you are posing as X years younger (or older) and stick to that?

    Hell, you could even use your regular birthday!

  2. That’s just it, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big lie and tell it often!

    Myself, I use the “use your regular birthday” trick. Of course I also use my regular birth year too, makes it easy to remember.

  3. I, too, use my regular birth year aswell. It’s extremely fashionable so why change it?

    On a totally unrelated topic, it always reminds me what this IRC friend of mine would say (btw, for proper crediting, her nick’s amanita):
    “Welcome to the IRC, where the men are men, the women are men, and the teenies are FBI agents”

    Which is not true (you are very woman and on IRC, as was her) but indeed highlights well the tendency of many IRC users to pose.

  4. wow..thats seriously “Funny” i can’t stop laughing over it again and again.

    you have the skills girl 😉

    keep us posted

  5. yes, you make me laugh. your kung fu is strong.

  6. Aww thanks guys!

  7. I don’t think you can be too harsh on irc… 🙂

  8. I don’t know Wolfy, sometimes I’m a bitch just for fun, without a good reason.

    On the other hand, sometimes it is most definitely deserved.

  9. I wonder how old he really was. I mean if you’re going to lie what difference does he think 3 years makes around age 60?

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