Oct 292008

I’ve recently been experimenting with a position that is more or less new to me, called the Anal Drop.  I’ve experimented with this position in the past, but never had much success, nor did I know what it was called. So what is it? Well it’s actually pretty straight forward, I’m on top with a […]

Oct 252008

People often ask me what’s my favourite <something>, and while I hate to disappoint, it’s not a question I can easily answer, especially when it comes to sex. I’m not sure I really like the idea of picking a favourite. There are things I usually enjoy, but really it’s more about what I am craving […]

Jun 242008

With camping season upon us, I thought I’d share one of the camping experiences from my past, just for giggles. It was one of those cases where the timing was just right, bumped into just the right person, hasn’t happened again (despite trying to set something up) We were tenting, the campground where we were […]