Apr 162009

Okay okay… Yes, I’m a complete drama llama. If you can’t handle it, don’t read more, k?

Somehow over the next few weeks between when I signed and the possession date, something changed with my relationship with twin.

I got a call one morning that said my possession date was in 30 days and I needed to come sign some paperwork releasing the deposit and confirming the mortgage with the bank. For some reason that was never explained to my satisfaction I had to come in personally to sign the paperwork, I couldn’t have my lawyer notarize the agreements, this had to be done in person at their notary. Fine I think, I’m annoyed but I’ll make the best of it, who am I to argue with a really great excuse to go visit twin, right?

So I call twin and tell her the news, and hop in my car and start the all too familiar drive. It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains and except for some ongoing construction it always goes quickly, and I still love my car enough that I don’t really mind the drive anyway, but this time I just couldn’t get there fast enough.

It took virtually no time at all at the realtor’s office, just a couple quick signatures and I was done, I went straight to twin’s house to pick her up, I get to her house, no answer on her phone, so I ring the doorbell. Her mother opens the door, tells me I’m not welcome and slams the door in my face. I’m seriously confused now, start to phone twin again and get a text, she’s down the street and wants me to pick her up. When I get there I can tell that she’s been crying, a state that quickly resumes.

She wouldn’t tell me anything, but did agree to come check in with me at my hotel. We made it to the hotel room, I talked her into laying down on the bed with me and she finally tells me what is going on; her parents have given an ultimatum, stay with her family or move in at my place and basically her entire family won’t ever talk to her again.

Apparently they’d managed to figure out that we were more then just friends (not that we’d been hiding anything, but we weren’t flaunting either), and a bit of church intervention later and suddenly this was an end-of-the-world situation.

We talked about it for hours and let me say that I don’t blame her at all, she made the choice to stay with her family and I honestly can’t blame her. We were perhaps more then just friends but neither of us wanted to settle down, and I’m not looking to play mommy either. It’s not like I’d be around all that much either, so she’d be all alone most of the time.

I’m not sure I handled it as well as I’d have liked, but in my defense I was pretty much caught off-guard by the whole thing, I dropped twin off at home again an started the long drive home.

To be continued…

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  1. Holy Toledo!
    Were they expecting to keep her locked in the basement for the next ten years until she grows out of this phase?

    Hope you’re doing alright after this.

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