Sep 282009

It’s been a while… again.

This post started out as a reply to a comment on my last anal drop post but as the reply grew longer then the original post I decided it was worthy of it’s own blog entry.

Hi Kat,
PG, on September 25th, 2009 at 3:23 pm Said:
I’ve been looking for a good description or pics of the anal drop position. I am in a wheelchair and have limited mobility. My partner loves anal and I was hoping to be able to use this position but I am unsure of the specifics. Is there any information you can provide to clarify the position?

Well now you’ve discovered the challenge! The anal drop isn’t a bad position but it’s not a great first time option if you have the choice.

A couple things come to mind but I am curious, what other positions have you tried? The first that comes to mind would be laying side by side and effectively spooning? Do you have enough mobility to penetrate her that way?

Second would be a position known to porno, with you sitting in a fairly large comfortable chair, her on top of you. This one is best known for double-penetration, and isn’t the easiest either, but it might be worth considering.

As far as the anal drop goes, you lay on your back either on the floor or on a bed and she will squat over you. Depending on her size and your size and the type of surface you’re on, she’ll either be on her feet which is far less comfortable but allows her to control her position more easily or on her knees in which case she can’t move as easily but this isn’t always the most comfortable if she has any hip issues.

She has a couple challenges, holding herself in a good position and maintaining enough control to aim and control the angle isn’t the easiest thing to do although with a bit of practice it’s not that difficult. More importantly it’s very difficult to control your anal muscles in this position, consider practicing with toys first to help her relax.

On the plus side of the anal drop, win or lose you get an excellent view and reasonably convenient access to most of her body… So take advantage of it!

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