Jan 142010

What is the question new readers ask me more than anything else? That’s easy: Is it real? The answer is a nice straightforward “Yes with a but”

My thoughts, feelings, opinions and whining is real. My spelling is close to real although I do occasionally speel chek my posts.

But Kat, I can hear you saying, that’s not what I care about! Nobody cares about you and your whiny drama, what we care about is the dirty crazy sex you tell us about. Glad you asked and really where else would you expect the but?

Well, they’re pretty close to real. I change certain details if the truth might identify anyone involved including myself. This includes names, times, places and similar. A five star restaurant won’t turn into a McDonalds, but a Burger King might. I might write something when it happened and post it months later as though it was last night or I might find an email I wrote in gmail or stumble across my chat logs and turn it into a post months after it happened too but the important parts of the story happened.

Good enough?

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  1. Hey, you’re back. Or something. This post just now show up in my feed reader – even though it’s a month old.

    How the hell have you been, Kat?

  2. My blog was broken for a while, new post wouldn’t show up. Fixed so now I have no excuses to not post. Oh and got a new theme too but not quite sure if I like it or not.

    I’m good! Not great but at least good. Not getting into any trouble either but working finding the time to fix that.

    I hear you’re all locked up again?

  3. Glad you’re back – had almost removed you from my reader the other day when i was weeding out dead blogs.

    You heard correctly, although the story posted was fiction (and labeled as such). It just happened to coincide. But we’ve both had flus, plus some charity dinner thing, and I’ve been working weekends, so it’s not like I’ve been missing anything 🙁

  4. You were *sobs* going to *sobs* declare me *sobs* dead?

    Son of a.

    Oh wait even I was going to declare me dead in January when I realized how long it had been since I posted. Especially since it felt like my blog was mocking me by refusing such a short post. The couple things that have been taking most of my time are out of the way now so it feels like there might at least be hope for me posting again or at least I’ll need to find a new excuse.

  5. You haven’t even been online much recently, what gives? — I’m with Tom on this one, I thought you were dead. Since you’re out of excuses it’s time to either turn in your slut ID badge or post proof you still deserve it.

  6. I accumulate blogs in my Google Reader. Some of the better ones I link to on The Edge of Vanilla, but eventually it builds up. So once in a while I go through the list. If a blogger hasn’t posted in six months, I unsubscribe. On my blogroll, I move them to a MIA section at the bottom of the list. And if *those* still haven’t posted in a while, I delete them entirely.

    You’re a special case, so I kept you on longer 🙂 Glad I did.

    Yeah, you can make of that what you want.

  7. I was going for a play on SOB there but maybe it didn’t work? Anyway I understand what you mean 🙂 But why am I a special case?

  8. so lavly what i see

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