Aug 152008

See, I don’t live with cats intentionally. I like cats, but I don’t need the responsibility right now. Unfortunately, a neighbourhood cat has taken to clawing my screen door and letting herself in.

The thing about cats, aren’t domesticated, they domesticate, and apparently she’s picked me to be her next host. Either that, or I just have good garbage, but luckily I believe I have beaten her in that area, I got a new garbage can that should be cat proof.

Of course, I wasn’t smart enough to actually take it out of the box, so I once again got the honour of cleaning up after her. Luckily she’s cute, so that helps.

So the question is, how do I keep her from opening my screen door? If it’s unlocked she opens it and waltzes in, if it’s locked she claws her way through the screen, which is obviously more annoying.

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  1. Replace the nylon mesh screen with a metal mesh screen?

    Then you can insulate the screen from the metal frame of the screen door and hook an electric fence charger to the screen itself. I bet she stops scratching at it pretty fast.

    And they say cats can’t be trained 🙂

  2. Electric fence? that’s cold man. besides you could up with a goat

  3. I replaced our sliding door flyscreen mesh with metal mesh… instead of tearing holes in it the cats proceeded to climb up and cling like alien face huggers on it… and it makes WAY more noise when they do that at 3am, too…

  4. So is the noise a feature or a bug?

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