Nov 282008

I’ve recently started using Craigslist when I’m traveling and on the prowl, a few days ago I posted although I wasn’t 100% sure what I had in mind, beyond something interesting, so I just set a few guidelines and posted. Basically my ad just said I wasn’t looking for bondage, dress up or roleplaying and just looking to fulfill someone’s fantasy as long as there was an element of kink. Okay, I might have been a bit more eloquent, or at least I tried.

I received a ton of junk as usual, but one offer that actually sounded like a lot of fun and although it wasn’t really quite kinky in the way I’d been imagining, it did sound like fun. This guy was a shyish guy without a lot of experience but at least he had a fantasy he’s desperately wanted to try for a while, and it sounded interesting.

So what was it? Well I’m glad you asked. Simply put, it was to nibble, kiss and lick a girl from head to toe. Her whole body he said, not just the usual parts, truly every square inch of her body.

Different then most guys… I like that, so I said yes even though I knew it was 50/50 if he would get distracted after 30 seconds, so imagine my luck when he was true to his word!

I’ve never been so thoroughly licked before, and almost no special attention anywhere in particular. To sum up the experience it was the most relaxing and yet still arousing experience I’ve had in recent memory.

He started at my neck nibbling down to my shoulders then out down an arm, back up and down over and over, occasionally wandering over to my hand, nibbling on my fingers, then back up my arm again. When crossing my a nipple the first time he may have taken an extra half second for a lick but then moved on quickly moving up my chest again, by the time he made it to my other nipple I was almost shaking in anticipation of this briefest of contact.

It took almost an hour to get to my feet, gently suckling on each toe he would occasionally look back up my legs and although his eyes would pause between my legs he never missed a lick, finally having me roll over and starting upward again.

He was most of the way up my back, kneeling to keep a constant position, his leg slipped between my legs and despite not even rubbing anything, it just took the tiniest brush between my legs and my muscles started contracting and it took a minute to realize I was having a slow soft orgasm, the kind of orgasm that starts softly and just keeps going for what feels like forever. I’m not even sure if guys can cum like this so I’m not really sure how to describe it in a way a male can understand but it was just so insanely relaxing that literally any and every touch from that point forward turned into this powerfully amplified sensation that would push me higher.

Now my ad did warn to expect to be home in time for breakfast but I extended an offer to spend the night and he accepted and we actually snuggled before dozing off, me still all but glowing.

So to all of those people who have given up on Craiglist, know that you can occasionally have a fantastic experience! More later.

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  1. That sounds amazing..
    I wonder if you could get your galpals a voucher for this treatment as a Christmas present..?

  2. I suspect he would be perfectly happy to honour those coupons too! Know any takers?

  3. I am sure if you posted his *skills* over at Dr. Strangelove’s (Tom Allen) blog there’d be a line up around the country.. the guy could lick himself from California and back.. 🙂

  4. OFGS, Sulky – now you’re going to give Kat the idea that I’m like, kinky or something.

  5. Tom Tom Tom, I might actually be a little offended if you think I hadn’t figured that one out all by little ‘ol myself.

    You might be kinda cute but that only carries you so far you know?

  6. ::blushes::

    Kat thinks I’m cute and kinky?

    Damn, where was teh internetz 25 years ago?

  7. 25 years ago? I think you’ve missed just young I am… Still cute though.

  8. Dang. Always a day late and a dollar short.

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