Nov 242008

Okay, first off let me say that I realize not everyone is a fan of the hairless genital look. I know, I get that. I am a fan.

I often get asked why I wax, isn’t shaving less painful, etc. Well, yes and no. Shaving is arguably easier since it’s a quick shave every day or two in the shower and I’m done whereas waxing means making a special trip and paying some money.

However, waxing lasts weeks, shaving lasts days at best. When the hair does start to regrow after waxing, it grows in soft, almost not noticeable initially rather then shaved stubble.

Does waxing hurt? A little, but honestly it’s something you get used to after the first couple times. Legs are worse then the pubic area anyway weirdly enough.

Shaving is fine, but for me, I’ll take lickable smooth for a week or two over stubble in a day anytime.

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  1. I am very much a fan of the hairless look, and smoothness. I don’t *mind* a landing pad, but bald is better. Rampant jungle growth is right out. From the consumer standpoint, waxing trumps shaving by a wide margin. Stubble *chafes*, and the last place I want sandpaper is pressed up against the sides of my cock while I’m thrusting.

  2. I met a girl who turned out to ne a specialist in waxing men. I could not resist the idea, so cock, sac and crack is a monthly to six weekly date nowadays. After about a year I recently suggested that as she had discovered that I was a human being, not a wild animal, would she like to play with the bald parts herself. Apparently I was not the first man to suggest that, and she responds positively to most of them, she says, She is waxed by a friend, so as you say, licking is gorgeous, and being licked likewise, rimming too. She clearly has no shortage of orgasms and is quite happy to show me exactly what she likes, so that is sensible. To be quite honest I have never had such fantastic fucks in my life, and i am 76.

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