Feb 162009

First, my back is feeling much better. Still a bit twitchy sometimes which is annoying, but at least I’m not in too much pain. I was planning a whole long post while I was out but once I made it to my keyboard the words just aren’t coming out. Maybe later?

Feb 072009

My back hurts! *cries* No idea why, just woke up a couple days ago in a ton of pain, and without having done anything fun to earn it either, at least as far as I know. I was at least smart enough to take yesterday off of work, which should give everyone an idea of […]

Feb 072009

Seriously? Who thinks trying to pick up women in a grocery store is a good idea? Okay okay, maybe I’m just whining because I’m in a bad mood, but mid-40s-guys out there, tell me something: Are you actually having success picking up 20-something girls in the grocery store? Is it just that you know that […]

Jan 282009

(If you’ve already read this post, scroll down, there might be something new below as I’ve pegged it to the top to hopefully get a bit more feedback) Once again I am thinking about getting a piercing or two, so I’m soliciting suggestions before I ignore whatever anyone else thinks and do whatever the hell […]

Jan 162009

I’m happy to say that I believe I have mastered the anal drop! I don’t think there really is a trick to it, all I can suggest is practice, practice, practice. While it’s not bad, it’s nothing too special beyond being a little less common, and the obvious fact that partners can rarely watch each […]